Shame on you, Mandy Powers Norrell

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By The Staff

I would like to express my deepest sadness and disappointment for a candidate such as Mandy Powers Norrell. I am a parent of two children at Heath Springs Elementary School and was infuriated when I read the article about the S.C. Senate candidate going to our school and using it to further her desperate campaign.

The principal, Sheri Watson, is the hardest working individual I know. The fantastic teachers are professional, well educated, caring and talented. I am proud to know them and work with each teacher and staff member at that school.

For Mandy Powers Norrell to completely lie and say she did not leave those fliers at the school is utterly reprehensible. I can’t believe she is willing to jeopardize the school, the principal and the teachers’ reputations for her own personal gain. How difficult would it have been to admit her mistake and apologize for her indiscretion and move on? Not taking any responsibility and blaming our school and teachers is a shame.

How do I know she is lying? Because before she found out what she did was illegal, she told the Fort Mill Times the real story: She gave the students stickers and fliers to take home, because they wanted them. “I never asked them to have their parents vote for me because they are all outside of my district,” Norrell said.

Although Heath Springs Elementary School is not part of the Senate 16 district, parts of the district are zoned to attend the school. Norrell said she wasn’t aware of any students in the school who lived in the Senate 16 district.

She admitted giving the children the fliers – then changed her story when she found out it was illegal. Shame.

The children wanted political material to take home to their parents? You didn’t know that any parents of those kids lived in the district?

Shame on you, Mandy Powers Norrell, for plowing over the servants of our public school system to advance your campaign.

Kathryn Plyler