Series on firefighters was 'excellent'

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Larry Honeycutt

The Lancaster News series on Lancaster County firefighters was excellent.
I have enjoyed reading about each departmentin our county.
We’ve learned how they managed their many problems, the way they survived under sometimes terrible conditions and their willingness to set a goal and exceed that goal.
As a citizen of Lancaster County, I would like to thank Barbara Rutledge, Jenny Arnold, Robert Howey, Jesef Williams, Jamey Shepherd, Greg Summers and Chris Sardelli for the hard work each of you put in to make your readers realize how lucky we are to have such a wonderful and dedicated group of men and women in Lancaster County’s fire service.
They serve because they care.
They are truly caretakers of our community.
They are dedicated to each community.
They are honest-to-goodness heroes.
They are great role models.
They are firefighters because they are rewarded by helping their neighbors.
They don’t fight fires for a pat on the back for a job well done.
They do it because it is the right thing to do and they are trained and ready for the challenge.
We are grateful to them for what they do and how they accept this awesome task.

Larry Honeycutt
Lancaster County Council District 4 representative