See Lancaster now on Facebook, Twitter

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By The Staff

See Lancaster, the nonprofit group responsible for marketing and promoting Lancaster County, has embraced the social media phenomenon by establishing itself on the popular Web sites, Facebook.com and Twitter.com.

The Web sites allow users to communicate with each other using status updates, a quick sentence explaining what the user is doing at any given moment. The sites have become extremely successful in the past few years, particularly with the increased speed of the Internet and the capability of downloading information onto cell phones.

“We are very excited to be taking See Lancaster to a worldwide audience,” said See Lancaster’s event coordinator Carrie Miller. “We would love to hear feedback from the public regarding our various projects, suggestions for future events and ultimately, what they think of their county.”

Many large international companies, such as Southwest Airlines, use Facebook and Twitter to communicate with their customers in real time, allowing users to feel more connected to the organization. See Lancaster hopes to engage both local residents and those in surrounding areas.

“We are working on a range of other ideas to allow See Lancaster to market the county to people outside the region,” said See Lancaster gift shop manager Sylvia Hudson. “This really is more than just a craze and there is no reason why Lancaster, South Carolina, cannot be on the forefront of this revolution. We have learned through various webinars and training sessions that it is not just teenagers using these sites. In fact, the average age on Twitter is 35- to 44-years-old. This age group is certainly a target audience for us when we market a particular place or event in our County.”

You may find links to both Facebook and Twitter from the See Lancaster Web site, www.seelancaster.org.