School intersection sure needs Miss Wilma

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Traveling down life’s highways we run into plenty of obstacles. The smart fella will always figure out a short cut for himself.

To tell the truth, ever since 1966, I have made the route to and from North Elementary School. First a daughter, then a son, a granddaughter, a grandson and Bless Pete, I have the task of escorting a great-grandson to those hallowed halls of learning.

The trouble is, the kids got smarter and grandpa got lost in the shuffle.

Some of you may remember Miss Wilma, a uniformed traffic officer, who kept the drivers of SUV’s, pick-ups and just regular old cars from bogging up traffic and touching nerves down at the intersection on Woodland.

Well sir, Miss Wilma has been promoted to less stressful surroundings. Unfortunately, no one is minding the store and what a mess is occurring for about half an hour after 2 p.m.

I must be one of those oldsters who turn right on Woodland and head north up Roddey on the old path I have travelled on and off for more than 45 years to either drop off or pick up a youngster.

I am accustomed to sitting in line waiting for traffic to move, but it sure bugs me when folks, who are apparently on a very tight schedule, show us how they can take a few short cuts, force their way into a line of stalled traffic and “beat the system.”

In the event you are new to Lancaster, the Winn-Dixie and K-Mart shopping centers are just empty buildings serving no other purpose than to provide the way withal to get a head start on the other guy and make use of the traffic signals onto Main Street.

Sitting for 15 minutes in a line of traffic and the gracious individual ahead of me signals someone coming in from the old K-Mart to move into the traffic sorta cuts into the raw, so to speak.

Just the other day, there was almost a head-on involving a lady in a SUV and another in a big dual wheeled pickup attempting to navigate the narrow drive behind the old Winn-Dixie.

Bet the insurance adjuster would have a time figuring out “who was in the right.”

You reckon if the backlot accesses from the old shopping center were barricaded, a traffic officer assigned to the intersection of Roddey and Woodland for a half hour on school days and drivers understand that keeping three car lengths while in line is unnecessary, just maybe an orderly flow would be achieved.

If not, it’ll be dog eat dog and school kids beware ‘cause the adults are running the show “Look Out.”

W.B. Evans