SCDOT to rehab three county roads

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Potter, Shelley Mullis and Taxahaw roads to get improvements

By Reece Murphy

The S.C. Department of Transportation has good news for residents who live on some of Lancaster County’s worst roads: Those roads are getting much-needed face-lifts.

According to an SCDOT spokesman, the project is to include three roads: Taxahaw Road, Potter Road in the south and southeast part of the county and Shelley Mullis Road in Indian Land.

The news for the multimillion dollar project came in a letter SCDOT District 4 Engineering Administrator John McCarter sent in response to an Indian Land resident inquiring about repairs to Shelley Mullis.

“The department is tentatively scheduled to receive bids for this work in February with an anticipated completion date no later than November of this year,” McCarter said.

Though McCarter was not available for comment, a District 4 spokesman confirmed the project is to include Taxahaw and Potter Roads.

According to the SCDOT,  “rehabilitation” of a road includes shoring up and repairing the existing pavement for use in creating a stronger base, which is then resurfaced.

Taxahaw and Potter roads, the latter derisively known as “Pothole Road” among those who use it, are considered by many to be among the worst roads in Lancaster County.

Taxahaw Road, which starts near the intersection of Flat Creek Road (S.C. 903) and Potter Road ends near the Kershaw County line on S.C. 903.

Potter Road begins at the Five Points intersection in the Camp Creek community and runs to Flat Creek Road. There, it becomes South Potter Road and runs all the way to Kershaw Camden Highway in the Pleasant Hill community just north of the town of Heath Springs. 

Shelley Mullis Road starts at Charlotte Highway (U.S. 521) just south of the Indian Land Government Complex and runs eastward into Union County, N.C.

Both Taxahaw and Potter roads were identified by county residents as being among the worst in the county and included in an in-depth series about county roads in September 2012 by The Lancaster News.

The other roads identified by residents in need of immediate repair were Barbarosa Drive, Gills Creek Drive, Ashe Street in Kershaw, Grace Avenue, Riverside Road and Douglas Road.

In a Sept. 19 letter to the editor, Taxahaw Road resident Bobby Faile called on officials to do something about both Taxahaw and Potter roads other than simply patch them. Faile and others also signed a petition about three years ago on the subject.

He was thrilled to hear the news.

“That’s the best news I’ve had in the last three years,” Faile said of the repairs.  “It needs it bad.”

SCDOT officials said work on the overall project should begin within a month of the bid award, though it’s up to the contractor as to the order of the work.

The department does not have any current rehabilitation plans in the works for other bad Lancaster County roads.

The department is currently starting right-of- way negotiations on a major project to widen Fort Mill Highway (S.C. 160) with work scheduled to start in 2015.


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