SC Trivia Answers

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By The Staff

What are the two images on the SC flag and what do they represent? Which war do they reflect?

The winner is:Debbie Anderson- she was the first to get it right!

Others who got it correct are:

Corey Hall - United States Marine

Terry Bowers

Brian Hammond - Science teacher from A. R. Rucker *Go RAMS!*


Dating back to 1765, the South Carolina State Flag reminds us of its role in the American Revolution and maintains its place in the annals of the Civil War with a design that was formulated as a National banner when the state seceded from the union on December 20, 1860.

Components of the current state flag were first seen in 1765, on a banner carried by South Carolina protesters of the Stamp Act. The banner that the protesters hoisted displayed three white crescents on a blue background. Ten years later in 1775, Colonel William Moultrie was asked by the South Carolina Revolutionary Council of Safety to design a banner for the use of South Carolina troops. Colonel Moultrie chose a simple and direct design that displayed the crescent (new moon)on a blue field. The new flag was the same blue color of the soldier's uniforms and the silver crescent echoed the symbol that the soldiers wore on the front of their caps.