Rutledge's column offended councilman

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By The Staff

I don’t believe the mold for honest politicians has been misplaced. But after Barbara Rutledge’s column, “Spooky stuff going on in this election,” I question whether the newspaper can identify honesty.

Over the years I have read many articles, but I could not believe what I was reading in Sunday’s edition of The Lancaster News. All of us who are trying to do what we believe is the right thing and best for our city or county are evidently considered to be dishonest. That offended me and, hopefully, many others who are serving.

I have been a member of Lancaster County Council less than two years. After being elected I went from being a regular husband, father, grandfather, friend, church member, to a “good old boy,” (The Lancaster News), “a crook” (citizens comments), “dysfunctional,” (letter writer James McManus), which means I function incorrectly or abnormally. Now I am not honest, according to The Lancaster News.

If I sit beside you in church, I will not, I promise, pick your pocket. If I see you in the grocery store, I will not take items out of your basket and if I see you at a ballgame, I’ll cheer for the Bruins just like you and I’ll continue to do my very best for our county. Honest I will.

Larry F. Honeycutt

Lancaster County Council District 4

Lancaster Editor’s note: The comments made in the column were aimed at SOME of the

candidates’ smear

campaigning tactics in this

year’s election – not with any current council members.