Russell updates county council about storm

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By Chris Sardelli

Lancaster County Emergency Management Director Morris Russell discussed the approaching storm during Lancaster County Council’s meeting on Monday, Feb. 10.

“This could definitely affect the power grid (in the county),” Russell said. “I know we’ve also got some right-of-way issues to take care of. This (storm) could be a real problem and all agencies will work together to respond.”

Based on the latest weather models he had seen, Russell was concerned about the amount of precipitation the county could eventually see. 

He was particularly worried that heavy amounts of freezing rain could lead to downed power lines. 

He predicted the county could see between three to six inches of snow, followed by three-quarters of an inch or more of freezing rain or even more snow. 

“We’re probably going to have a few inches of something on the ground and it will be packed tight,” he said. “They’re predicting the sun will come out on Thursday and that’s great, but this will still be a problem.”

Russell half-jokingly asked council to pray for the storm to produce less ice than expected.

“If everyone can go home and pray for snow, that’d be great,” he said. “All I can tell you is we’ll have issues.”

Lancaster County Council Chairman Larry McCullough expressed confidence in the county’s emergency responders.

“You’ve done some good preparation and there’s been some great leadership,” McCullough said. “We’ve got it in the right hands and with the right team.”

Though he was thankful for the help of emergency responders, Councilman Bob Bundy cautioned the public not to rely solely on them. 

“People need to help their neighbors,” Bundy said. “Go check on them, make the neighborhood rounds.”


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