Rudy Carter sounds just like a politician

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By William Hough

Rudy Carter was quoted as saying, “The public has got to understand the court is the prominent voice of the law.

When you walk in a courthouse, you have to feel like you’re in a court of law.”

The first sentence makes “the law” sound like some kind of mystical thing, more like a religion than what it really is.

Unlike God’s Law, our law is simply a set of rules man has set to maintain order and protect citizen’s rights.

In fact, man’s law has shown itself to be evil at times by rejecting God (bans on prayer, Ten Commandments removed from government buildings, etc.).

On top of that, the ordinary citizen cannot even understand the law and must hire a lawyer to do some of the simplest things, yet, “ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

I agree that law is a necessary part of our society, but I’m not in awe of it. I’m more annoyed by it because it has become so complicated.

The second sentence is very much like a politician – vague. Exactly what kind of building will make me feel like I’m in a court of law? Yes, tell me how I will feel. I will feel like I’m in a court of law when I’m on the inside of a large room and proceedings begin. I won’t even be able to see the outside of the building at that point. If I were a criminal, I would likely have just left a jail cell and been driven to the court room. I think I would be well aware of where I am. Besides, if I’ve committed some heinous act, no building is going to change my disregard for my fellow human beings, so what’s the point?

It seems no one wants to give the citizens practical information such as how many rooms would be required and how large the various rooms need to be and how much parking would be required.

No, we simply need to feel like we’re in a court of law. I’ve heard that costs about $33 million dollars.

William Hough