Rock Street to be repaved

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Estimated cost $178,500

By Jesef Williams

Rock Street will soon be repaved.
At its March 26 meeting, Lancaster City Council unanimously approved a recommendation to use county and state money to upgrade Rock Street, which runs from Arch Street to Chesterfield Avenue.
The work will include patching, leveling and resurfacing, as well as new sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, curbs and gutters.
City Administrator Helen Sowell told City Council members that the County Transportation Committee (CTC) was willing to assist in paving either Rock Street (Hampton Road) or Clinton Avenue.
Those roads top City Council’s list of state-owned roads they’d like to see improved.
The CTC, which gets money from the state, allocates money toward city road projects. Also the city gets $50,000 a year from the county to be used for road work.
Jeff Catoe, the county’s public works director, identified Rock Street as the top choice.
“Cost-wise and construction-wise, it is the most manageable,” Catoe said in a letter to Sowell. “Again, this is only my opinion.”
The Rock Street work is estimated to cost $178,500. The city will use its $50,000 annual road tax allocations for 2013 and 2014 to help pay for the work (a total of $100,000).
The CTC will provide the remaining costs.
Catoe said the payment won’t be submitted to the state until July 1. Work can’t begin before then.
“Staff feels that this is the best opportunity the city has to get Rock Street paved,” Sowell said. “The money for the remaining streets will not be easy. They are all state roads, so the city may have to wait for the state to allocate funds for these roads.”
Councilwoman Tamara Green Garris said she wants Clinton Avenue to remain top of mind.
“I’m so happy they’re finally getting to Rock Street,” Garris said. “However, I have a lot of constituents concerned about Clinton. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done.”
Also at the March 26 meeting, City Council unanimously approved a change order regarding the latest phase of the Streetscape beautification project on Main Street.
This effort targets South Main Street, running from Emmons Street south just past the city limits near South Avenue.
Brian Tripp, who’s overseeing the project, said additional conduit fittings are needed to complete the lighting installation.
Also, S.C. Department of Transportation expressed issues with the road taper plans on the northern lanes across from The Patio restaurant.
“They required the taper to be changed to a more gradual taper than the taper depicted on the approved plans,” Tripp said.
Those changes add $3,304 to the project cost – money that will come from the project’s contingency fund. Nearly $22,000 remain in that fund.

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