Riverchase will destroy habitat for local wildlife

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By The Staff

The Catawba River has just been placed at the very top of the most endangered rivers list. The Catawba is a lifeline for this state as it is for other states. From wildlife to businesses this river is most essential. We are talking about our environment, we only get one Earth.

I was amazed when I read the April 25 edition of The Lancaster News. The front page read “Ban on car washing lifted,” but still has a few restrictions. When you turn the page, you will read an article about Riverchase. So I can finally wash my truck and at the same time the county has already approved more development to drain our natural resources at a crucial time.

Counties are already fighting over water in the Catawba.

A Texas man wants to build 1,200 homes on 2,000 acres on the river. These homes will be roughly 3,500 square feet and cost about $500,000. A lot will cost $100,000. He also plans to build a clubhouse, fitness center, resort pool and a basketball court.

Let us not forget his generosity for donating five acres and $1.2 million for a new fire station. I’m sure insurance companies will require this so each home will be able to have insurance. In addition to that he will give $5,000 per house to the county.

It makes me wonder where people work in this county to afford a $500,000 home. Lancaster’s unemployment rate is high. We all are aware that Springs was Lancaster’s main employer.

The once overflowing parking lots now stand empty. No loud sewing machines or friendly conversation, just silence. This county also has high number of home foreclosures.

Where are the children who live in this development going to attend school? Lancaster schools are already overcrowded. I guess we, the taxpayers, will absorb this tax to build new schools after all of Riverchase is completed and all the lots are sold.

I drive Riverside Road almost everyday. I grew up around Riverside as well. Any person who rides on Riverside has seen many deer, turkey and rabbits etc. Did the developer think about this before he decided to develop this undisturbed natural habitat for hundreds of animals? Where will all the animals go? Everything we do now has repercussions for the future. It all comes down to money and greed. I think there should have been more thought and discussion before approving this decision.

Be proud Lancaster residents, your County Council just approved for God’s country to be uprooted. This is sad to think that acres and acres are going to be destroyed. The animals will no longer have the freedom of a safe haven they have walked and called home well before we were ever here.

Angi Hunter is a Lancaster County resident.