Rita Johnson was ‘epitome of principle-centered living’

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By Bobby Collins

Early Christmas morning, Lancaster lost a good citizen, Rita Johnson. To her family and friends, Rita was special. Rita was a successful business woman, a devoted mother and wife, a civic leader, a wonderful friend. Rita held many offices in St. Luke United Methodist Church.

Several years ago, Rita confided that her husband, Robert, was a little upset with her. Rita had agreed to add an additional project on her already crowded schedule. Robert asked Rita why she had taken on the new project. He told her that she did not need it on her resume and that she did not care about its being on her obituary.

Robert was right. Rita was constantly taking on projects. Rita was not interested in getting credit for her good deeds. Rita contributed because she perceived it to be the right thing to do.

To her family and friends Rita was the epitome of principle-centered living and leadership. Stephen R. Covey says that in his opinion human beings are spiritual creatures experiencing a physical life. Jesus said that man shall not live by bread alone. Rita was a great human. Rita is a great spirit.

Bobby Collins