Retired law officers support Holland

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As former law enforcement officers, we are very concerned with who will be our next solicitor.

For those not familiar with our criminal justice system, the solicitor is the chief prosecuting attorney for our circuit, which includes Chester, Fairfield and Lancaster counties.

The solicitor is in charge of prosecuting all criminals in general sessions court. This includes murderers, child molesters, rapists, armed robbers, burglars, thieves, etc.

During our careers, we were forbidden from publicly supporting political candidates. A letter to the editor like this could have cost us our careers. No longer being bound by policies and politics to keep us silent, we can have a voice and also speak for many of our brothers and sisters still in uniform who cannot voice their opinions.

We have joined together and have each signed our names to this letter of support endorsing Tom Holland for solicitor. Tom Holland came to Lancaster in 2001 as an assistant solicitor, having previously been an assistant solicitor in the 16th Judicial Circuit.

It was clear from the start that Tom was eager to make a difference. The number of trials increased and our input into the ultimate disposition of cases also increased. Tom never shied away from a trial. Defendants and defense attorneys soon learned that he was not going to back down. When Tom was being pressured by a judge to reduce a defendant’s third offense trafficking in crack cocaine case down to a second offense, he stood his ground.

Tom also used the state’s three-strikes law to put a repeat burglar in jail for life without parole. Tom showed law enforcement that he shared our commitment to take the violent criminals off the street and protect our community.

When the general counsel position at Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office became vacant, Tom was hired for that position.

During his tenure as the sheriff’s office general counsel, Tom’s experience and knowledge were invaluable.

The problems in the solicitor’s office are evident – we have the largest backlog in the state and the average case on the docket is three and a quarter years old.

As law enforcement officers, we have each experienced and continue to witness violent repeat criminals get arrested over and over again without being prosecuted or being given a slap on the wrist, leaving them to offend again.

As former law enforcement officers, we see this election as an opportunity to do what we have always strived to do, make our communities safer. Therefore, we proudly endorse Tom Holland for solicitor in the June 10 Republican primary, because we care and experience matters.

We each proudly sign our names endorsing Tom Holland for 6th Circuit solicitor:

Hugh White, L.D. Walker, Leslie H. Childers,

retired Lancaster Police Department

Jeff Jackson, John J. Rogers, Randy Morgan, Danny Bennett, Clark E. Crump, Frederick O. Thompson, Mark Whitley, Tommy Carter, Robin F. Catoe, Joe McLemore, Mike Nobles

retired Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office

Steven Marshall, Paul A. Harrison, James E. Whitaker, Donavon Small, Larry Bennett

former Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office

Larry P. Harrison

retired S.C. Highway Patrol and former Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office