Residents experience Internet slowdown

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By Jesef Williams

Fred Jensen accesses the Web every day to check stocks and get news, but this week he said his Internet service has been non-existent.

Jenson, who uses dial-up to connect to the Internet at home, wondered if the problem was related to the land-line issue local residents experienced earlier in the week.

That appears to be the case.

On Monday, about 2,000 residents in Lancaster County and Fort Lawn in Chester County were unable to place calls on their land-line phones. The problem was a result of network upgrades and rearrangements Comporium Communications did Saturday morning.

All of the affected phone lines were working normally by Monday afternoon, said Glenn McFadden, the company's executive vice president of operations.

But on Tuesday, customers began to call Comporium about issues with their dial-up Internet.

They reported slower Internet speeds.

McFadden said the slow Internet connections are linked to the computer programming issues related to the line upgrades – the same reason for the phone problems earlier this week.

The same areas that had the phone problems – around Lancaster city limits and the towns of Heath Springs and Fort Lawn – are also experiencing the slow Internet dial-ups.

McFadden said Thursday afternoon that Comporium was to use a program patch Thursday night that they hope would fix the computer issue.

"Nobody's out of service, it's just slower speed," McFadden said.

"We will get it fixed."

Jensen, who lives on West Manor Street outside the Lancaster city limits, said his computer hasn't been able to connect to the Internet since Saturday. He said he never had problems placing calls on his land-line phone at home.

Jensen said neighbors who typically have faster dial-up speeds than him have slower connections now.

He hopes the problem is fixed soon.

"It's a real annoyance knowing you're not getting a service that you're paying for," Jensen said.

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