Resident warns of Facebook scam

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By Denyse Clark

A Lancaster resident, who asked to not be identified, came to The Lancaster News office on Thursday, Aug. 14 to share information about a possible Facebook scam.

The man showed on his computer’s Facebook account where he received a personalized message from a person using what he called “a fake name.” 

The man said a search of the person with the identifiers used in the Facebook message brought forth no information. 

In the message, the person said, “I am Rebecca Smith of Menlo Park, Calif., and I work for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. I want to pass on the good news that you have been picked to claim $500,000 in the Facebook Promotion 2014. There are 15 lucky selected winners. You must decide if you want your winnings processed by ATM card or a check.”

The unidentified man who received this message said he wanted the public to be aware of this current scam to keep innocent people from getting harmed by it.

“I feel people work too hard for their money and they don’t need to take a chance on losing any of it,” he said.

The man said he planned to visit the Lancaster Police Department and the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office when he left the newspaper office on White Street.

There are national media reports dating back to June 2011 that mention a similar $500,000 Facebook scam.


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