Resident finds council informed and knowledgeable

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I recently had the opportunity to go to my first County Commission meeting for the first time in my 25-plus years of being a Lancaster County resident. I am not writing this letter because of a favorable outcome or a personal thank-you note. Instead, I feel this meeting was a totally unexpected experience.
I have read multiple posts in newspaper editorials, Facebook pages and dialogue with other community citizens on how bad county commissioners are. I have heard that they are biased, uninformed and incapable a making good decisions, etc..
On the contrary, while waiting for my topic to be reviewed I listened to two hours of other matters on the agenda. I found that the commissioners were well-prepared to discuss the topics. I found they had very good business knowledge. However, the thing that amazed me the most was that their individual decisions were always made with full consideration of first what was legal, then what was best for the individual involved in the case, but ultimately what would benefit the entire community.
Yes, that is correct – what is best for you and me. Often these decisions were at odds on what the involved mass of public citizens wanted to hear due to their personal agendas and was loudly greeted with boos and groans. Despite the public displeasure, they held their ground and voted on how they thought it would help all the citizens of Lancaster County.
My kudos to the Lancaster County Council. Please continue to keep all of our combined benefits in mind as citizens of Lancaster County.

Dr. Douglas L. Tiedt