Republican Party has needed change

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Saturday, April 2, was a very exciting day for the Lancaster County GOP.  Six people came forward to take the leadership positions that will bring this county forward to facilitate changes through the 2012 election. 

The Lancaster County GOP has been served well by the past leaders, but as there are term limits in most things and the local government party is no exception. 

Sandy McGarry is the new Lancaster County GOP chairwoman; Donnie Jones is the executive committee chairman; Kevin Moughan is the vice chairman; Roger Summey is the second vice chair; Brian Carnes is the secretary and John Plyler is the treasurer.

All six came forward because they want to help and make a difference. Let’s face it, a lot that is coming out of Washington isn’t in the best interest of the American people. Changes have already been achieved by individuals getting involved. Changing leadership in many areas is a main focus and what is driving many of us to get involved. 

The Republican Party has been complacent for too long and the Good Ole Party, as many refer to it, needed to change too.

The timing is everything and the enthusiasm is a crucial component. The last two years have been exciting and building up for something new. With the commitment the Lancaster County GOP team has given us, we will only be too happy to help and get involved.


Mary Atkinson