Repeat performance

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Mungo business gets high marks for curb appeal

By Sherry Archie

History can and does repeat itself. 


In November 2008, Robert “Robbie” Mungo and his wife, Glenda, received the Yard of the Month designation from the Lancaster Council of Garden Clubs for their Craig Farm Road home.  

Their beautiful Japanese-influenced, neatly manicured yard features a waterfall and pond filled with colorful koi fish.

Each February, the Lancaster Council of Garden Clubs committee selects a business for its Yard of the Month. 

This month, the Mungos are honored again, for their family-owned business, Mungo and Son Tax and Financial Services, 1107 Chesterfield Ave.

In 1974, Robbie started a tax preparation and accounting business from the Mungo home on Flat Creek Road.  

By 1985, the thriving and growing business needed more space, so the Mungos bought an historic home on Chesterfield Avenue that dated back to 1910.  

Outside, the yard, once filled with rose bushes and daffodils, was overgrown and required lots of attention.  

Pulling up the old shrubbery, bringing in new, low maintenance varieties and adding a few sidewalks quickly added curb appeal. The giant white dogwood continues to grab full attention in the front yard,  while a majestic oak with a trunk at least 10 feet in diameter creates a canopy in the back.

“I remember the rose gardens that were here years ago,” Robbie said. “We would stop by on Mother’s Day morning to clip a fresh rosebud for my lapel before heading to church. They were always beautiful.”

Now, fresh beds featuring a blend of dwarf firepower nandina, Buford hollies, soft-touch yaupon holliesm and bright, blooming pansies surround the low entrance. Large urns filled with pansies flank the front porch.

“We really tried to find low-growing plants that wouldn’t overtake the low front porch,” Glenda said.

Once the landscaping was in check and outside repairs were made, the Mungos turned their attention to the home’s interior. In keeping with the history of the house, they painstakingly restored two of the original mantels and salvaged all the doors, doorknobs and wainscoting. Antiques such as English chairs and artwork were added to continue the early 1900s theme.

“Glenda was excited about getting her living room and dining room back as we made plans to move the business,” Robbie said. “We loved the charm of the new location and wanted to keep as much of the original features as possible during the renovation.”  

The business continued to thrive as partners joined it for a while, but it has now returned to family ownership with their son, Chris Mungo, helping out.

To nominate someone for Yard of the Month, call Jackie Palmer at (803) 283-4562.