Reader supports Burns for school board

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With this year’s election, the citizens of Indian Land have an opportunity to really influence local change. We will now have two school board representatives to support us and our growing community.

I am excited to have the opportunity to vote for Freeman Burns to represent District 7 in Indian Land. Freeman is an energetic man who has embraced Indian Land and is willing to give even more back to help build a strong community for his family.

He is a successful business person who understands the No. 1 challenge facing our schools – budgeting. With the growth challenges in Indian Land, it is important we have business-minded people to help the school board plan accordingly and be ready for the growth, not reactionary.

Our current representative has recently stated that now that the new Harrisburg Elementary School is done they can start to focus on the middle school. This is a reactionary philosophy and one that has to change.

How can we continue to elect the same people and expect new forward thinking and better planning?

I continue to hear people say we need educators on the board. Well, I trust our principals, vice principals and teachers to continue to grow the education within our schools and I believe having a business-oriented person on the board will help find the much-needed resources to assist our educators with the tools they need.

Freeman has the knowledge and experience to help find new solutions to make sure we continue to grow and offer our administration the solutions they need to help our students grow.

In speaking with Freeman, he has an open approach to listening to the thoughts and ideas of everyone in the community and has been out asking for input from anyone he can. Can you tell me the last time you heard from our current representative or met him?

Freeman is an active member of our community and wants to learn more about what the residents want to see from our schools and help build a plan to achieve those goals. He is very open and accessible. I recommend that you reach out to him and get to know him for yourself. A fresh approach and a real vision for the future is just what our community needs.

So my support for the District 7 school board seat is Freeman Burns, and I hope you vote for him as well.

Brian Endres

Indian Land