Reader disappointed by Mulvaney’s budget vote

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I was saddened, disappointed and frustrated to learn that my congressional representative, Mick Mulvaney, voted against the budget continuation and debt limit.
Actually, what he voted against was reopening the federal government that enables benefits to be continued to veterans, senior citizens and the poorest among us.
He voted against continuing our progress out of the recent recession.
He voted against opening the federal parks and monuments, processing federal tax refunds, paying my Medicare bills, opening the Centers for Disease Control as flu season approaches, resuming processing passports, helping small business owners with loans and other services – well, the list goes on and on.
But Mulvaney did vote for some things.
By voting against the debt limit which would pay bills that Congress already approved, Mulvaney voted for higher interest rates on our loans and mortgages.
He voted for our retirement funds and savings being threatened by a recession even worse than what we lost in 2007-08!
And for what? So that Obamacare continues untouched and China would be paid interest on American debt they hold while our veterans and senior citizens go without?
But if Mulvaney lost, who won? Regrettably, President Brarack Obama won.
In spite of showing absolutely no leadership and refusing to compromise, Obama became the clear winner and Republicans the clear loser.
So how will that work for Mulvaney and other Republicans up for re-election next year?
Mulvaney has probably contributed to assuring that Democrats will retain control of the Senate and increase their margins in the House. Mulvaney’s loser strategy is not what we need to represent us. Hopefully, local Republicans will field a winner next year whom we can proudly vote for.

Neil Webner
Indian Land