Reader bemoans lack of common courtesy

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How about a small section about those little things that are rude, inconsiderate, who-cares and the-world-revolves-around-me people.

We could start with, well, let’s see. How about the food store?

We arrive and look around for the closest parking place we can find. My doctors says I should get some exercise, oh not now, later. There’s a handicapped spot; who would know? I’m only going to be a minute. Oh, I’ve got a better idea, I’ll park in the fire lane. Just let everyone drive around me. I am kind of blocking the entrance door. Aw, too bad, walk around.

Besides most of the parking places are occupied by the buggies that those inconsiderate people who are through with them are too good to return to the buggy placement area. Well, I guess they were too busy. After all, they haven’t texted anyone since they were in the checkout line, holding up everyone else.

What’s the first thing a customer does when entering the food store? Maybe get a buggy. Gee, wonder why they didn’t get one of those buggies left in the parking lot by one of those rude inconsiderate people and bring it in? No, couldn’t do that. You know it just has to be dripping with germs and disease from that person who left it. Besides, there are none of those little towels to wipe it down with. I can get enough of them when I get inside to wipe down my buggy and, when leaving, I can take enough to clean the interior of my car.

OK, we are inside shopping now. Excuse me, I see you need to put your buggy on one side of the aisle, while you select an item on the other side of the aisle. I really hate to impose, but may I get by? Oh, if looks could kill.

Moving right along. My, here’s a buggy full of groceries, with no one around. I will just move it out of the aisle. “Hey you,” a shout from the far end of the aisle, “that’s my buggy.” Don’t ask why they abandoned it; it will just upset them that you noticed their rude, inconsiderate behavior.

In the old checkout line. Here’s a somewhat short one. Oh, this may not be a good line after all. Customer: “Just got a text; be right back, I forgot the bread.” Aren’t you supposed to finish shopping before you get in the checkout line? Just a thought. Here they come with the bread. Texting, make sure they didn’t forget anything else. Oh gee, we can only hope.

All right, we’re out of here. Grab enough of the towels to take a bath with, after all, they’re free. Get the groceries in the car. Leave the buggy in the empty spot next to me. Oops, it’s a handicapped spot. Ah, someone will come by and move it. The buggy parking is about three spaces away. I would put it over there, but my shopping has taken so much longer than I thought because of all the rude, inconsiderate, who-cares and the-world-revolves-around-me people.

I just don’t have time.

John Richards

Indian Land