Reader appalled by Grace's letter

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By The Staff

This is in response to Eric Grace’s letter Eric Grace “Reader appalled by dog shooting.”

I am not a resident of this neighborhood, but my young son frequents this neighborhood quite often because it is where his best friend lives.

I would like to know where this reader obtained his information because it is obvious he did not read the entire story.

First, in his questioning of Mr. Schoeppner’s neighborliness – he was not able to get in touch with Ms. Barnette, as she said in the article that she was out of town. Most people do not have their neighbor’s cell phone numbers. Mr. Schoeppner said in the article that the dogs had run him back into his home several times.

As for putting the dogs back into their pen and treating them with care, did he not read where the dogs were showing aggression? Also, they had charged the officers several times before finally one of the dogs lunged at the officer, which resulted in the officer shooting the dog.

As for the officers sitting in their car waiting for Animal Control, who had already been called, they were doing their best to contain the animals until Animal Control arrived to keep them from perhaps attacking one of the many children that run around the neighborhood.

In Mr. Grace’s statement, “How dare this deputy shoot a helpless animal?,” did he not understand that the dogs were the ones that were being aggressive?

Thank God the officers were there and it was not a child who came around the corner to be mauled or perhaps killed by these dogs.

Concerning the Animal Control officer, he had a choice to make – either euthanize the animal or wait for the owners because he did not believe the gunshot was a life-threatening injury.

Mr. Grace makes the comment that his heart goes out to Ms. Barnette and her two pets.

What he doesn’t know is this is not the first time these dogs have escaped from their pen, which, by the way, was about a 12-foot-by-12-foot pen that housed both animals. I know this because I have seen this for myself many times while taking my son to his friend’s home.

I would like to thank Mr. Schoeppner and the deputies for doing for what they needed to do to protect the families in this neighborhood.

Just think, Mr. Grace, what we would be reading in the paper had these dogs attacked my son, one of his friends or any children who were playing there that day.

If you want to point the finger, point it where it belongs. Mr. and Mrs. Barnette are the ones that left their animals in a 12-foot-by-12-foot pen knowing they had escaped before, and went out of town.

There is such a thing as a dog kennel where you can safely board your animals when you are out of town.

The only thing I agree with Mr. Grace on is that a boxer is normally a friendly dog. I know this because my daughter has a boxer in our backyard. The difference could be that she has plenty of room to run around and spends most of her time indoors with people.

In the future, Mr. Grace, I would hope before you go and condemn someone such as Mr. Schoeppner or the officers, you would have more of your facts in line.

David Jacob

Indian Land