Re-think Economic Development in our county

???  It's been nearly a decade since Spring pulled out of the county.  Unemployment rate is still way over 12% - not including those ones who are sick and tired of filing for unemployment as their benefits have long ran out.  While LCEDC have been bringing businesses into the county, have anyone ever questioned the how many Lancaster residents they've hired in exchange for the millions and millions of tax credits; county paid land/property; zero mortgages; ......  these are all money paid for by the taxpayers!!!!!!!! 

While there are corporations like Walmart, Publix and Goody's coming into the county demanding little to no financial incentives and hiring hundreds of our residents, why do we need to buy into rushed demands from Rico or Romaco????

How does the County officials evaluate the costs & benefits, in writing, to each and every Economic Development projects???? 

How do we go by getting the Council to seize the abuse from LCEDC and Keith Tunnell's dictatorship in spending our money -- Please note that Keith Tunnell is NOT a Lancaster County resident; unlike all of the county executives -- How do we go by having a committed economic development director whose interests are vested in Lancaster??????