Ramsey rolls to LMS win

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Racing Roundup

By Michael Knight

Kenny Ramsey captured a thrilling Crate Sportsman win to highlight racing action at Lancaster Motor Speedway on Saturday night.

The Crate Sportsman front row had heat winners Ramsey and Travis Payne.

Before the green flag dropped, there was action on the track as the No. 08 of Joseph Richardson made hard contact with Ramsey coming down the front straightaway on the pace lap.

Richardson was disqualified for the night.

When the green flag dropped, it was Ramsey in his damaged car, Travis Payne, Dillon Crook and Timbo Mangum battling for the lead.

There was a caution in turn one.

After a couple of restarts, the racing finally got under way. When the race restarted, the battle up front was between Ramsey and Mangum.

Ramsey was all over Mangum’s back bumper. While Ramsey and Mangum dueled for first, Dillon Crook and Ben Watkins battled for third.

Back up front, Mangum developed problems exiting turn two. Mangum’s car lost power, and this gave the lead to Ramsey.

On a couple of late restarts, Watkins looked under Ramsey, and Ramsey pulled away on the straightaways. Ramsey notched the win in his damaged car.

Top five: Ramsey, Watkins, Crook, young Hank Taylor and Steven Saucier.

u The Super Street front row featured heat winners Brent Hodges and Brandy Baker. When the green flag dropped, it was Baker, Hodges, Rusty Broome and Jody Bigham battling for the lead entering turn one.

Exiting turn two, it was Baker with the lead over Hodges.

The top four of Baker, Hodges, Broome and Bigham pulled away from the rest of the pack. Baker had the lead over Hodges, but Hodges had a mirror full of Broome and Broome had a mirror full of Bigham.

As the laps ticked off, Hodges gained ground on Baker. Hodges held the edge in the turns, and Baker had the power down the straightaways. Coming to the white flag, Hodges was all over Baker’s bumper.

Hodges gave it one last shot entering turns one and two.

Exiting turn two, Baker pulled away down the straightaway on his way to picking up the checkered flag. Top 5: Baker, Hodges, Bigham, Rusty Broome and Johnny Starkey.

u The Pure Street front row had Steve Hinson and Pebo Johnson.

At the green, it was Hinson, Johnson, James Marion and Jamie Varnadore battling for the lead.

Exiting turn two, it was Johnson with the lead with a mirror full of Hinson.

Hinson and Johnson put distance between them and the rest of the field. Hinson was all over Johnson.

Hinson looked high and low on trying to find a way to pass Johnson.

As the laps ticked off, Johnson still had a mirror full of Hinson.

Coming to the white flag, Johnson and Hinson roared by the flagstand and the LMS fans were on their feet.

Hinson looked under Johnson in turns one and two. Johnson, exiting turn two, had the lead.

Hinson gave it his all entering turns three and four only to come up short at the line.

Top five: Johnson, Hinson, Jesse Carson, Jerry Sexton and Kevin Blackwell.

u The Vintage front row had heat winners Steve Davis and Chris Fincher.

When the green flag dropped, Davis, Fincher, Ben Helms and Steve Helms all roared into turn one for the lead.

Exiting turn two, it was Fincher and Davis battling for the lead.

Davis and Fincher dueled for the lead for numerous laps. The man on a mission was “The Big Show,” Kenneth Deese. Deese, who started eighth, picked off cars on the high side and low side on his way to the front.

Back up front, it was all Davis on this night for the win.

Top five: Davis, Deese, Ben Helms, Steve Helms and Mike Helms.

u The Young Guns front row had Brandan Blackon and Andrew Baker.

On a side note during hot laps, the young Brandy Kirk went over the turn three and four wall. Kirk showed the heart of a true racer and came back and raced in the main event.

When the green flag dropped, it was Blackmon, Baker, Josh Langley, Kirk and John Gordon battling  for the lead.

Blackmon, out of turn two, held the lead.

As the laps ticked off, Blackmon pulled away from the battling duo of Baker and Langley. Blackmon  cruised to victory lane. Top 5: Blackmon, Baker, Langley, Kirk and Gordon.

LMS hosts the Kenny Helms Memorial race, paying $2,000 to win in the Crate Sportsman Division on Saturday night.

The Crate Sportsman division had produced some of the top races this season at LMS.

If you missed any action Saturday night, Jackie Sims has videos for sale in the pits and stands. Johnny Sims has photos of your favorite drivers.

 For more info about LMS, visit the track website, www.lancasterspeedway.net, or to discuss track action and your favorite drivers, go to www.DirtRaceFans.com. Be sure to register.