Ramsey posts exciting Crate Sportsman win

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Racing Roundup

By Michael Knight

Kenny Ramsey highlighted Lancaster Motor Speedway racing action with a thrilling Crate Sportsman win Saturday night.

The Crate Sportsman front row had a couple of ace young guns in Dillon Crook and Andrew Blackwood.

When the green flag dropped for the first time, there was a pile-up on the front straightaway. On the second restart, it was Crook, Blackwood, Ramsey and Bryan Mullis going for the lead. Coming out of turn two, it was Crook, Ramsey and Mullis bumper to bumper. While this race was going on, all eyes were on 14th-starting Timbo Mangum, who picked off cars lap after lap to work his way to the front.

Mangum made it to fourth and this set up the season’s best race of the season so far at LMS. Crook was first ahead of Ramsey, Mullis and Mangum. Crook had a mirror full of Ramsey, but Ramsey had a  mirror full of Mullis lap after lap after lap. Ditto for Mullis with Mangum.

On the restarts, it was Ramsey, who looked under Crook, while Mullis went to the high side on Ramsey and Mangum to the low side on Mullis.

These four drivers thrilled the LMS fans. Near the end of the race, Mullis lost control and was sent to the rear. Ramsey was still working to pass Crook. Ramsey finally worked his way by Crook as did Mangum.

This set up a green and white together restart. Mangum gave his all to catch Ramsey. Coming out of turn four to the checkered flag, Mangum gave Ramsey a tap, but Ramsey held on for the exciting win. Ramsey was followed by Mangum, Crook, Dustin Sweatt and Corbin Parker.

u In the Super Street, the front row had some new faces, with heat winners Jody Bigham and Kevin Godbee. Fans were on their feet before the green dropped.

Bigham and Brandy Baker thrilled the LMS fans in the heats. When the green flag dropped, it was Bigham, Godbee, Baker and Brent Hodges gunning for the lead.

Coming out of turn two, it was Baker and Bigham finding each other again side by side for the lead. Half of the fans cheered on Baker and the other half cheered Bigham.

This battle went on for about the first three laps. Baker finally got the run he needed and passed Bigham for the lead. Baker pulled away from Bigham and the rest of the field to take his second Super Street win of the season. Top 5: Baker, Bigham, Hodges, Michael Brown, driving the Leonard Lucas Super Street Car, and pole sitter Godbee.

u The Pure Street front row featured heat winners Steve Hinson and Jeffrey McGuirt.

Hinson is the defending race winner and former Pure Street champion. McGuirt is the defending Super Street 4 champion in the old Steve Hinson car.

When the green flag dropped, it was McGuirt, Hinson, James Marion and Chuck Jones going for the lead.

McGuirt came out of turn two with the lead over Hinson. Hinson, in his powered by Steve Norwood, worked his way by McGuirt on his way to picking up his second win on the season.

Marion and McGuirt put on a show for second in the main’s last half. McGuirt gave Marion a run for second only to come up short at the line. Top 5: Steve Hinson, James Marion, Jeffrey McGuirt, David Price and Charles Jones.

The Stock Four front row had heat winners Ray T. Adams and Mike Chaney.

When the green fell, it was Adams and Chaney side by side for the lead. Coming out of turn two, it was  hard-charging Bill Stutler, who would overtook second and set his sights on Adams.

Stutler ran down Adams, and these two battled for the lead. 

Stutler looked under Adams lap after lap, and Adams and Stutler put distance between them and the rest of the field. Late in the race, Stutler developed problems with his race car and had to pit. Back back up front, Adams picked up his second Stock 4 win. He was followed by Michael Deese, Andrew Helms, Michael Ott and Mike Chaney.

The NDRA Crate Late Models main event had two new faces on the front row, pole winner Steve Banal and Ronnie Mosley.

When the green waved, it was Banal, Mosley, Timbo Mangum and Mike Huey going for the lead.

Coming out of turn two, it was Banal powering his 8B machine to the lead over Mosley and Mangum. Behind the leaders, the man on the move was “The Gambler,” Brandy Baker.

Baker, who started seventh, was fourth behind Banal, Mosley and Mangum.

Baker worked his way by Mangum, and set his sights on Mosley. Back up front, it was all Banal on this night as he posted his first LMS win. Top 5: Banal, Mosley, Baker, Mangum and Michael Brown.

The Vintage front row had Thugs Racing Don Burns and “The Big Show,” Kenneth Deese.

When the green flag dropped, it was Burns and Deese side by side for the lead.

Coming out of turn two, it was Deese with the lead over Burns and Ben Helms.

Ninth-starting Marty Spittle was in a hard-charging Ford Mustang.

Spittle picked off cars lap after lap, but the smoke from his car would effect other drivers’ vision behind him and track officials were forced to show him the black flag.

Back up front, it was Deese still leading, but Helms worked his way by Burns.

Helms ran down Deese. On the last lap coming out of turn two, Helms dove to Deese’s inside and both cars touched, nearly spinning both out.

Both drivers nailed the gas pedal still side by side all the way down the back straight and into turn three. Deese had the high line and Helms the low line.

Deese picked up more speed exiting turn four 4 for the win. Top 5: Kenneth Deese, Ben Helms, 10th-starting Chris Fincher third, Don Burns fourth and Rocky Price fifth.

The Young Gun V8 front row had Josh Langley and Brady Kurk. When the green dropped, it was Langley, Kurk, Andrew Baker, Brandan Blackmon and John Gordon going for the lead.

Coming out of turn two, it was Langley, Blackmon and Baker going for the lead. Baker was a man on a mission.

Baker overtook Langley and Blackmon for first and second to pull away for his third straight win this season.

Top 5: Andrew Baker, Langley, Blackmon, Kurk and John Gordon.

The Carolina Clash Late Models return to LMS on Saturday.

If you have rain tickets from April 9, they will be honored.

If you missed any of the action Saturday night, Jackie Sims has videos for sale in the pits for $10. Jackie Sims and family also have pictures for sale.

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