Quality of growth determines quality of life

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W.B Evans’ letter, “Writer commends Lage’s comments,” in the May 15 edition of The Lancaster News made me curious about the original May 1 letter referenced, “Good plan needed to accommodate progress,” which I had read when it was published.
I disagree that growth is synonymous with progress. I do agree growth is coming from Charlotte and how Lancaster County controls that growth will determine the quality of life residents have in the future.
Will we have a better quality (progress) of life or will it be worse (regress) than it is now? Uncontrolled growth with no vision for the future abdicates the planning to many developers instead of keeping it with the county government.
Developers should develop the land and bring in the businesses, along with much-needed jobs.
I do not agree that it should be haphazard.
Lastly, the original letter stated: “There (sic) are patriots who bought land to better their lives. To prevent them from their dreams is wrong.” I am a veteran and do not appreciate the implication that I am unpatriotic for not sharing a personal opinion.

Angelo Sciulli