Punishment unjust for animal fighting

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By Jensan Louis

This is the last time I am responding about my support of cockfighting unless I am summoned to speak in Columbia. Quite frankly I am tired of repeating myself. I am coughing on all the smoke being used to cloud the true issue.

First, I don't appreciate letter writer B.J. Mishoe "We are responsible for the treatment of animals" in the March 2 edition of The Lancaster News for insulting the law enforcement in these parts as you so politely phrased it. Nor for calling all cockfighters drug using, drunk driving, immoral, abusive, illiterate hillbillies. Your ignorance and prejudgment is stunning, but not surprising.

Just as you don't understand us, we don't understand your association and those like it who attempt to control our property. And animals are property. If you did your research, you would have known our founding fathers and presidents enjoyed cockfighting. I doubt they possessed any of the lovely adjectives you used to describe current cockfighters.

It's pretty twisted that humane education will be taught in our schools instead of improving teachers, staff and bus drivers' salaries, or bringing in more computers and new textbooks or foreign language classes.

Perhaps, if the government woke up and focused funds on education, drug trafficking, drunken driving, abuse and illiteracy, you wouldn't have to use the phony platform that these are the reasons to bust cockfights.

My point remains: Felony punishment for animal fighting is unjust, unconstitutional and unfair.

Try putting people first.

Jensan Louis