Provide firefighters with gear to perform their duties

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Norm Zimmer

The establishment of an Indian Land fire protection district is essential to the well-being of our residents and firefighters.
As a retired career firefighter who served for 28 years, I can attest to the need for proper equipment and manpower to perform firefighting duties.
The profession is risky enough, but without adequate gear and extra hands the firefighters are exposed unnecessarily to considerable additional danger.
The Indian Land Volunteer Fire Department is underfunded and understaffed.
There are 12 volunteers covering 25 square miles when 25 firemen are actually needed.
Contrast that with a properly funded Pleasant Valley fire protection district where 12 volunteers cover 16.6 square miles.
That being said, is it realistic to expect our neighbors to volunteer if we don’t provide them with safe personal protective gear to do this hazardous work?
Protective bunker gear degrades after a time and needs replacement. Money is needed to replace that gear.
And as reported by the Indian Land Action Council, county funding for equipment does not cover current equipment needs.
It’s time for all of us – residents and businesses alike – to step up and do what is needed to create an Indian Land fire protection district based on the Pleasant Valley model.We can enhance the safety of our own families’ by providing Indian Land’s dedicated, altruistic firefighters with the necessities to perform their duties.
Remember, while others are running out of burning buildings, firefighters are running in.

Norm Zimmer
Indian Land