Proud to be a ‘radical’ Republican

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I am proud to be a Republican because of our past accomplishments and what we are trying to accomplish today.
u Civil rights – One of President John F. Kennedy’s dreams was passage of the Civil Rights Bill, a dream he sadly never lived to see fulfilled. I am proud of the Southern Republicans who unanimously supported this bill and opposed the Democrat-led filibuster that tried to kill this landmark legislation. These “radical Republicans,” as they were called by Democrat Strom Thurmond, were key to making Kennedy’s dream a reality. It’s a shame these “radicals,” driven by their conviction that all men are created equal, seem to be forgotten in today’s world where “equality” means nothing more than a gang in front of a bank chanting “gimme what you got.”
u Economy and jobs – The Recovery Act created more than 2 million jobs, yet the unemployment rate kept climbing, and climbed even higher after President Barack Obama pronounced “the recession is over.” The idea that excessive government spending fixes the economy has failed before (see “Depression”), giving us 10 years of increased unemployment. Republicans know the keys to a vital economy are more businesses, less government and lower taxes. That lower tax idea worked for Kennedy and Reagan, why won’t the Democrats try it?
I hope the people in South Carolina realize that, like Democrats, Republicans want a balanced budget and a strong economy. We’re just not willing to keep trying ideas that have been proven not to work.

Robert Baust
Indian Land