Progressivism is a weapon of mass Detroition

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Rudy Schmidt

Detroit has been served exclusively by Democrat leadership since 1962. Coincident with that 50-year period, the city began a steady state of entropy that culminated in the recent bankruptcy filing.
The policies of the Detroit leadership have produced an unsustainable number of people on benefits – free stuff – that have not been paid for.
Detroit has all of the things that Democrats are famous for – massively high tax rates, very low property values and a failed education system (62 percent graduation rate) with a very powerful teachers’ union that blocks change and improvements. Detroit is a prime example of a total Democrat machine.
They have Detroited themselves with their progressive Democrat ideology. If President Barack Obama had a city it could look just like Detroit. Sadly, he has a country that could look like Detroit in a few years if we let the Democrats and moderate Republicans run it into the ground. The Democratic Party is going to Detroit America.
For the uninformed and misinformed, just look around this country and the western world (Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, etc.) and see what is failing the people. The politics that fail the people are the same politics that the Democrat Party supports.
Democrats see themselves as the elite who can take care of us all. They have a utopia in mind that they want to provide for us, but they cannot pay for it. The drug of choice is called “utopium.” We are all smoking more now, but enjoying it much less. That utopia just does not exist. It never has and never will exist. By the time the uninformed and misinformed discover this fact, it is too late because they will have voted themselves benefits that cannot be supported by the ones who actually work. Democrats are gonna Detroit this country.
Jesus said in John 8:32 that you can know the truth and the truth will set you free. But in verse 31, the catch is that statement is true if you remain faithful to his teachings. The truth is easy to see, but is medicine that is hard to take for many today.
Democrats and many moderate Republicans are living examples of 1 John 1:8 because they do not accept the fact they are sinners, but just want to provide us with a utopia they design – therefore they deceive themselves and the truth is not in them.
With no king or God in their lives, whatever they do is right in their own eyes – last verse in Judges.
The god of the Democratic Party and moderate Republicans is secularism, where truth is subjective. What is true for them is not true indeed.
Democrats who are saving money are hypocrites against their own party ideology. They must go out and spend what they have and then max out their credit cards to save themselves and the country. Lemme know how that works out. This is exactly what the Democratic Party wants to do to America.
The moderate Republicans will rubber stamp that debt increase soon.
We are on the road to Detroit. We are not in our merry Oldsmobile, but in an Obamamobile designed by Democrats. The wheels are getting ready to come off.

Rudy Schmidt is a
Lancaster County resident.