Progressivism not destructive

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This is in response to Rudy Schmidt’s rant printed on 7/31/2013.
Unfortunately, Detroit is now in bankruptcy. This is due mainly to population decline as a result of auto industry job losses and also political corruption, which can be found in the U.S. Congress and in many jurisdictions across the country.
Benefits for Detroit retirees are in jeopardy, but these aren’t “free;”  these benefits were earned, as are Medicare and Social Security.
Mr. Schmidt stated that Democrats are famous for their failed education system.
It seems clear that he hasn’t seen the statistics on the current state of South Carolina’s (Republican-run) education system. South Carolina is ranked 47th in the country.
Mr. Schmidt implies that the country is being run into the ground by Democrats and moderate Republicans, who he thinks are either uninformed or misinformed.
On the contrary, this year’s second quarter GDP has increased by 1.7 percent, despite the effects of sequestration and lack of budget bills passed in Congress. This improvement makes it clear that the country will not go bankrupt.
Our country is one of great diversity, fostered and guaranteed by the Constitution. If this means that we have a secular nation, so be it. We have freedom of religion here.
Many different religions are practiced here. Not all Americans recognize the Bible as a supreme authority, so using biblical references is inappropriate, and sometimes even counter-productive.
America is a great and strong country. It has survived crises in the past and it will survive obstructionists in Congress and uninformed citizens.

Michael Jedson
Indian Land