President using fear mongering to address debt ceiling

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As we all sit waiting, watching the drama being played out on the television and read all of the blogs or news stories about the debt ceiling, wondering if the checks will arrive in our bank accounts in August, or if the United States can pay the bills or even if we can pay our own bills, I get more and more dismayed.
Are we really playing this game? With people’s minds, money, lives? If it looks this bad to me, what does President Barack Obama look like to the rest of the world? Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to answer this.
One simple theory keeps jumping into my mind – one we have all heard and know well – thanks to Isaac Newton’s law of gravity: “What goes up… must come down.”
Now mind you, Mr. Newton actually disproved that theory, and I believe President Obama is going to demonstrate how, with our debt ceiling. He’ll do so as he tries to coerce, bully and chide his way around to getting the debt limit on such an upward climb at a high rate of speed that the gravity weakens so much so that we will never be able to bring it down. It will be in a hyperbolic orbit.
The truth is: we borrow 45 cents of every dollar; we still have 57 cents left, meaning we can still pay the military and Social Security. Sure some of the government contracts may not get paid if we shut down, but we have been down this road before with President Bill Clinton, remember?
If we do nothing at all to fix the mess we are in, by the year 2055, all the money we bring in from tax revenue will go toward paying the interest on the national debt only. There will be nothing left for operating this country.
Please watch the video that Congressman Mick Mulvaney has put together for us. This is a bi-partisan video regarding the budget. It gives great insight to what we face. Here is the link:  http://www.youtube.com/user/RepMickMulvaney#p/u/20/YKUoIloIvP8
Is this what we want for our children, or our grandchildren? I know I don’t. This is the reason I am doing what I am doing today – trying to make a difference, and encouraging others to do the same.
Get involved; know that your voice counts. It is up to us to make a better country for the next generation to inherit.
We allowed this to happen to our country and we need to step up to the plate and take responsibility for it. If that means cutting the budget and cutting back seriously, then so be it. It does not mean we go deeper and deeper in debt just to make the numbers look better.
While watching, listening and reading all about the debt-ceiling increase, all you hear is scare tactics. The world will not end on Aug. 3, – contrary to what you hear.
The purpose of the debt ceiling is to re-evaluate our spending.
Based on the historic election results of 2010, the people have demanded that the country change. This is exactly what the new 112th Congress is doing.
This so upsets the same old, same old in Washington that it is received and perceived as insolent behavior from the good old boys.
Will the Obama administration stop the Social Security checks? I don’t know, but if he does, I am sure the proverbial stuff will hit the fan.
As a matter of fact, he could make the guarantee that would not happen, but instead he chooses fear mongering by playing with American people’s minds.
Social Security takes in about $55 billion each month and pays out about $60 billion. Even though it is cash-flow negative, it has almost $2.7 trillion in reserves. These reserves are non-marketable securities.
Although it is part of the $14.3 debt ceiling, and cannot be used to make Social Security payments, they could be redeemed to pay the benefits – without affecting the debt ceiling.
This approach would guarantee that payments would be made for more than a decade. Will the military not get paid to fight in Afghanistan? What you are really hearing is a campaign ploy, plain and simple. The president has never left that mode.
Take a minute and look at S.C. Republican Congressmen Mick Mulvaney, Trey Gowdy, Tim Scott and Jeff Duncan. They are amazing and they get it, as does Sen. Jim DeMint.
Since the arrival of the new congressmen in Washington, D.C., things have not been the same old game.
The Cut, Cap and Balance Act was the only bill proposed by either side. It passed the House, but Sen. Harry Reid stopped the debate in the Senate early, based on President Obama’s statement that he would veto it. Why? Because he didn’t get the blank check he needs to hold him through until after the election in November 2012.
What we really need is to cut the spending, cap what is going to happen and balance the budget.
End of story.