President needs to listen to people, follow Constitution

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I have been listening to our politician president trying again to scare us about consequences of not raising the debt ceiling and saying that we do not need a balanced budget.
If we do raise the debt ceiling and do not cut a lot out of the budget, our credit rating will still be lowered, just like our personal credit would be lowered if we spend too much. What would happen to American families if we did not balance our budgets?
There is a ton of money flowing into the U.S. government every day from people who are fortunate enough to still be employed and by businesses, which have to pay an estimated tax payment every three months.
Those funds alone would probably be enough to take care of the debt and fund our Social Security checks, military pay and Medicare payments for about four months. 
The president is also, as usual, ignoring the will of the American people and blaming the previous administration for the economic mess we are in now. 
I did not totally agree with everything done by the previous administration, but we must remember who was controlling the House and the Senate during the last two years of the previous administration.
The president keeps saying the American people want or don’t want whatever he is trying to push for that, he thinks, will help his re-election. He and his administration totally ignored the American people when they forced through (with the help of some bribes to certain politicians), their tax-burdened, poorly written, so-called health-care reform bill that has already caused cuts in Medicare. 
He keeps talking about revenue we need. Revenue is more taxes. 
This president and his administration have been ignoring the Constitution of the United States and shoving their ideals down our throats.
The attorney general is one of the worst offenders of trampling on our Constitution and he is one of many in D.C. who have done so.
We cannot continue to elect politicians who base their decisions on what their special interests (those who contribute money to their election) want or on their ideals instead of on our Constitution.
Stan Sitcler
Indian Land