Powers-Norrell would be 'treasure to Senate'

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By The Staff

This letter in response to Dave Zoglmans letter "Powers-Norrell throws first dirt in Senate race," printed in the Feb. 20 edition of The Lancaster News. I am a Buford High School senior. Neither my teacher, classmates and I quite understand the article.

As far as throwing the first dirt goes I think you just did. I challenge you to find one flaw with Mandy Powers-Norrell.

She was one of the most intelligent who ever graduated from Lancaster High School and the USC School of Law. Our district should be honored that she is representing us.

Mandy Powers-Norrell is not only the brightest person I've ever met, but also the most caring. She juggles family and career like no other and will be a treasure to our Senate, not to mention a role model for people my age.

Jillian Walters