Powers Norrell in the classroom again?

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By The Staff

I honestly cannot believe this happened, and if I hadn’t seen it myself with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.

I am a freshman at the University of South Carolina at Lancaster. One of my classes is University 101. Recently, Mandy Powers Norrell came to speak to us. Our teacher, Laura Humphrey, assured us she wasn’t there to campaign, but only to talk to us about the voting process, about getting involved, and on the importance of voting.

After talking about those things for a few minutes, she announced that, “She knew she was walking a fine lineee.” and went on to tell us how much her opponent hated public education and wanted to shut down the schools. And how he really lived in North Carolina and sent his kids to school there because he didn’t like our public schools. She told us that we needed to vote for her and get our friends to do the same thing.

I got so fed up with her bashing Mick Mulvaney that I stood up and told her that this wasn’t true. She kept saying that he doesn’t care, but he does. He even came to my mom’s POPS support group meeting on a Sunday to talk to parents of special needs children.

Why is Powers Norell doing this again? It is similar to the incident at Heath Springs Elementary when she visited with the second-graders. She knew she shouldn’t be doing it, but she did it anyway.

I’m just old enough to vote for the first time, but it seems to me that anybody willing to cheat like this – again and again – shouldn’t be elected.

Brittany Reeves