Powers Norrell best candidate for Senate

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By The Staff

I was born and raised in Lancaster. I now live in Columbia, but I keep up with what’s going on in my hometown. I would like to respond to Cindy Rodgers’ letter to the editor concerning the upcoming Senate race between Mandy Powers Norrell and Mick Mulvaney.

I would like to ask Ms. Rodgers what she knows about nonlocal contributors. And by the way, what do you really know about Mulvaney? What do any of us know about Mr. Mulvaney? We know everything about Powers Norrell. Her life is an open book. Not only does she not hide anything, she welcomes everyone to look at her life and the way that she lives.

I’ve known Mandy for many years and I’ve never met anyone who I admire more and envy for the way that she has patterned her life in such a perfect way. Mandy is unpretentious, and a down-to-earth woman who is dedicated to her family, community, church, state and country.

Mandy gives more in a year than most of us give in a lifetime. Her record speaks for itself. Mandy’s opponents can trash her if they want, but the facts still remain – Mandy Powers Norrell is the best candidate for the job and will make this state proud.

Amy Spagnola