Postal carrier did not pick up bag of food

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By The Staff

I am so disappointed in the mail carrier in my neighborhood.

I read in The Lancaster News that postal carriers were collecting food for those who need it. I made the effort to get out and buy the food and get up early enough to put it at the mailbox for them to collect it.

Apparently, he or she could not make the effort to pick it up. I had my mail, but the food was left there. I tried to contact Lancaster’s HOPE and let the folks there know this campaign to collect food could have been more successful had the mail carriers done what they were asked to do, but I could not find anyone to talk to.

So as a last resort, I am notifying the newspaper that published the article asking people to put the food out at our mailboxes.

I am a transfer to Lancaster from Charlotte and, so far, am disappointed in my new community.

I put food out every year for many years in Charlotte and not once did the mail carrier not pick it up.

Sandy Ray