'Pop', others who fought for freedom deserve our respect

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By The Staff

On Memorial Day we recognized all those individuals who stood up for us in all branches of our military service. Memorial Day should always be a day of remembering, giving thanks for and to any person who ever wore a uniform in our defense.

One of the greatest heroes I have ever known was a sweet, humble, country boy named J.E. Hendrix. I had the good fortune to have him as my father-in-law. Better known in the family circle as “Pop” he smiled all the way up to his eyes. Pop would never have made the finals on “American Idol” but when he sang he did so from his heart and would keep time slapping his thigh – even in church. He was a godly man who didn’t waiver from his convictions of right and wrong.

Pop served his country during World War II and would tell stories of the experiences he went through in places so very far away from his hometown. I can’t imagine the horrors he saw, went through and thankfully, survived. He would so humbly say “I did what they asked me to,” even when it involved going behind enemy lines. Pop wasn’t one to complain, he just did what was expected because it was the right thing to do.

Please don’t pass up an opportunity to thank someone who has served in the armed forces of our country. Because of them, we have the freedoms to be who we are. We are “one nation, under God” and I salute all of you who have made the sacrifice.