Politicians don't care about mill village

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By The Staff

I have lived in the mill village area most of my life and worked for the Springs Lancaster plant most of my life.

I was often called a “lint head” because I worked in that mill. Now that mill is gone and I still live on the mill village, people call me a “low life.”

I pay taxes on my property just as other Lancaster County residents do. I graduated from high school and went to school with a lot of our politicians.

Sidewalks in our area are not walkable and our roads have so many pot holes that are not being fixed. The underbrush growth on the side of the road scratches the paint off vehicles.

People who own a lot of property here don’t live here in this county. I have often called Lancaster County Building and Zoning, Public Works, DHEC and other organizations only to be told there’s nothing they can do or they will have to fill out a work order. Nothing ever happens to upgrade this area.

I am overrun in my neighborhood by rats, snakes, bugs and thugs. If an ambulance is dispatched in this area, they often have to secure the scene with sheriff’s deputies. Lancaster County Council needs to pass a new ordinance to upgrade this neighborhood.

The county sends out letter after letter and begs the landowners to clean it up, but they don’t. Why not give the people so many days to clean up their property or take it no matter if they do pay their taxes. Don’t give them months or years to answer. I feel I have a beautiful house and lot.

My opinion is that politicians do not care about this neighborhood. The value on my property decreases because other people will not take care of theirs.

People who represent this area ought to be required to stay in this area, and make promises they are not going to keep.

Lee Ellis