Police chief requests, get new stop sign for Wilson Drive

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By Jesef Williams

An extra stop sign will be installed to help regulate traffic near the University of South Carolina Lancaster.

At its Tuesday, March 12, meeting, City Council voted unanimously to honor a request from Lancaster Police Chief

Harlean Howard, who wanted a sign placed at the intersection of Wilson Drive and Hardin Street.

Wilson Drive, which is off Hubbard Drive, meets Hardin Street at two points. The extra sign will be placed at the more southern of the two points.

Traveling west after turning left from Hubbard Drive, Wilson Drive intersects with Hardin Street. At this point, Wilson Drive then curves to the right in a northward direction.

The curve creates what appears to be a three-way intersection. Two stop signs already exist there. The third one will be for motorists traveling west on Wilson Drive.  

Howard said a “possible safety hazard currently exists” there.

Council also voted unanimously Tuesday to allocate $73,459 for the repaving of roads at the city's solid waste transfer station off Lynwood Drive.

Solid Waste Director Marty Cauthen said the road coming into the back gate at the scale house needs repaving, as does the road leading to the tipping floor at the transfer station.

Kim Lineberger of LCI – Lineberger Construction Inc. submitted the winning bid.

Cauthen had initially projected the work to cost about $25,000. However, he admits he wasn’t close in his estimation.

“Mainly because the work will have to be performed on Saturday and Sunday while the transfer station is closed,” he said. “The work will also need to be performed in phases.”
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