Picks’ crown, frown at stake this weekend

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By Robert Howey

It all comes down to this weekend.

The 2007 Pigskin Picks crown and frown will be decided over the next few days.

The new champion will be decided as Picks leader Ernie “Big E” Rowell takes a two-game edge into the last picks for 2007.

He’s in a battle for the Picks title with Robert “How We Luv The Little Rascals” and “Cotton Jenny” Hartley.

Howey could hardly circle his Picks ballot this week since his hand was nearly raw after rubbing endlessly on his trusty horseshoe and rabbit’s foot in hopes of producing more than his share of good luck.

Surprise, surprise, it must be working because he sliced Ern’s lead to two games and leapfrogged Hartley.

“He’s got to be real lucky if he can still do that,” Hartley said. “About the only thing worse would see him beat me.”

With this being the final week, Living Editor Greg “Boys of Summers,” said he was sad to see it all end.

The Picks, right?

“Not really,” Summers said. “I’m talking about the NASCAR season. I don’t know if I can go on without it, but if I can’t, could I please get a ride in Jeff Burton’s car? Yes, like A1 steak sauce, it’s that good.”

Speaking of moving ahead, but not with lightning speed, cub reporter Jesef Williams pulled out of the cellar, missing a scant six to the guest Clerk of Court Jeff Hammond’s woeful eight.

The last-place finisher wears the Picks’ frown for the off-season.

The guest this week is an old pro, former Denver Broncos’ scout Sandy Gilliam.

“I see these mugs in the paper each week, but it seems like I’ve seen one of two on the wall at the post office,” Gilliam said. “Well, anyway, they’re still picking, which goes to show that some two-legged turkeys were able to avoid the axe’s wrath earlier this week.

“It’s good to be picking, but among this group, it’s bad, bad company. And when I say bad, I mean real bad.

“I’m hoping for good fortune and plenty of correct picks,” Gilliam said, “Maybe a little luck to run the table. Wonder if Howey would let me use his horseshoe for a game or two this weekend?”