A perfect ending

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Bradburn, Truesdale complete school without missing a day

By Greg Summers

Iron man Cal Ripkin Jr. isn’t the only one with an unforgettable number. The baseball hall of famer played in 2,632 consecutive games.
Two county students have their own streaks within their respective school hallways.
For 12 years, Andrew Jackson High School’s Jordan Truesdale and Buford High School’s Lauren Bradburn managed to make it out of bed every day and go to class. That equals to 2,160 consecutive school days for each of them.
Neither of them have missed a day of school since the first grade.   
Considering that 724 Lancaster County students graduated Friday, that’s a pretty remarkable feat.
Bradburn, 18, isn’t the only tassle turner at Rob and Cheryl Bradburn’s home this year. Her older sister, Jessica, graduated from the University of South Carolina in May.
“If I wasn’t feeling well, I’d just take some medicine and go on to school,” Bradburn said. “It was just the fact I didn’t want to miss a day.”
Truesdale, the 18-year-old daughter of David and Rhonda Truesdale, said she was somewhat luckier when it came to fighting off viruses and the like.
“Most of the time if I got sick, it was on the weekend,” Truesdale said. “That means I couldn’t enjoy the weekends, but it didn’t affect school.”
Both Bradburn and Truesdale said their perfect attendance streaks became evident in elementary school.     
“When I was little, Mama would beg me to stay home, but I just loved school and couldn’t stand to get behind,” she said. “I hated to be lost on anything in the classroom.
“When you give your word that you will be somewhere, you better live up to your promise and be there,” Bradburn said.
Truesdale said once she started getting perfect attendance certificates each year at Kershaw Elementary School, she was determined to keep the streak intact during middle and high school.
“There were some days I didn’t really want to go, but I did,” Truesdale said. “I think it’s important to finish what you start.”
With college now on the horizon, the two straight-A honor students are starting over in one sense. Bradburn achieved a 4.314 GPA at Buford and ranked eighth in her graduating class.
Bradburn has been accepted at University of South Carolina Lancaster and will start working on a pre-law degree this fall.
“My sister picks on me and says you can miss a few classes in college, but I don’t think I’m gonna do that,” Bradburn said laughing.
Truesdale achieved a 4.5 GPA at Andrew Jackson High School and ranked sixth in her graduating class.
Truesdale will attend Anderson University to major in early childhood education. She said all of those years in the classroom have made a mark.  
“I’ve always had really good teachers,” Truesdale said. “I just want to have the same kind of impact on students they had on me.”