Penny tax taxes effect

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By The Staff

If you pay attention to your cash register receipts, you probably noticed that Lancaster County’s sales tax just went up.

The sales tax increased by a penny on Friday to 7 cents per dollar.

The extra penny tax was approved by county voters in a referendum in November. It will be used to pay the bonds on the county’s proposed new courthouse, which is expected to cost about $33 million. The tax is on top of the state’s normal 5 percent sales tax and the county’s 1 percent local-option sales tax.

The new tax will be collected up to seven years.

However, officials have said they believe enough money to pay for the bonds will be collected in less than seven years. In that case, the tax would be repealed once the courthouse is paid for.

Architects are now working on plans for the new courthouse. It will be built in downtown Lancaster.