Peanut butter jar of tea or glass of wine?

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By W.B. Evans

Seems the push is on for alcohol sales on Sunday.

A resident of Belair, which is in the suburbs of Indian Land, found no place to eat on Sunday. Musta been a recent arrival, apparently the straight-up-the-road drive to Pineville or Ballentine alluded her.

Then there is the employee of a bistro, who thinks a little wine with a Sunday luncheon will bring in loads of income for her establishment.

For upscale Indian Landers, availability of alcohol with sit-down luncheons and dinners was not a big deal until they found themselves in surroundings less citified.

Now, don’t label me a teetotaler, ‘cause I like a good glass of wine with a juicy steak or Italian food. But, why should alcohol be limited to places which serve meals  and require on-premises consumption?

I seriously doubt if approval of Sunday sales will spur a wave of franchised upscale eating places from Indian Land to Kershaw.

I hope, should alcohol sales on Sunday pass muster, an added hospitality tax is imposed to make that Sunday drink a real luxury.

Well, there goes the old peanut butter jars for the sweetened ice tea.

W.B. Evans