Payne has ‘indepth knowledge of issues facing South Carolina’

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After attending the candidate forum sponsored by The Lancaster News, Duke Energy, the University of South Carolina Lancaster and Lancaster County Chamber of Commerc, I can confidently say that there is only one candidate who really understands the issues and offers a vision for House District 44 and the state of South Carolina.
The candidate is Ryan Payne. He has an in-depth knowledge of the issues facing South Carolina that the other candidates seem not to possess.
Ryan believes that economic development is key to moving South Carolina forward. When asked about this during the debate, Ryan has a plan for attracting economic development through modification of the present tax structure.
Payne wants South Carolina to balance its tax structure to relieve the burden on manufacturing (presently 10.5 percent), business and individuals while closing the loopholes present in today’s tax formula.
This is a tax-neutral system that doesn’t increase or decrease the overall amount of taxes.
He believes the state can better approach its obligations for maintaining state roads through restructuring of the state Transportation Infrastructure Bank.
During the debate, he made known that there have been several billion dollars that have transited through this fund but not one dollar has gone to Lancaster County roads. He proposes better oversight of the fund by structuring it under the governor’s office and would like to see a full audit of the Department of Transportation.
Ryan is a strong believer in our public schools and touts his own record as evidence that students of our schools can succeed. He finished high school at Andrew Jackson, USCL and then Clemson University a year early.
At the forum, he said there is probably more money in our educational system than is often stated, but of that money, much more should get to the classroom. Ryan quoted the actual percentages, which is evidence of his knowledge of our system.
Ryan Payne is one who is willing to approach South Carolina’s problems by thinking them through, seeking out opinions of others and formulating a position through thinking outside the box to find solutions for our state.
He offers the solutions of a statesman rather than the words of a politician.
I encourage you to vote on Nov. 6 for Ryan Payne. Call him up and ask about his positions. Pull up his website and see how he stands. You will agree with me, that he is the most knowledgeable, offers the most solutions, and is the best candidate for the future of South Carolina and Lancaster County.

Bob Bundy is a  Lancaster County