Pastor's wife a real asset to church

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By The Staff

We recently celebrated Pastor’s Appreciation Day at Lynwood Drive Church of God. I love our pastor, Johnny Hefner, very much. He is a very good man and is always there when you need him no matter day or night. He is a very caring man and lets Jesus be No. 1 in his life. I know he knows how much we appreciate him and the life he lives for Jesus.

I would like to tell you about his wife, Peggy. She is one of the most precious ladies you would ever meet. No matter when you call her, she is always there for you. She lends a helping hand in anything that is going on in our church whether it is cleaning the church or frying chicken at 5 a.m. for a chicken sale.

She is a mighty prayer warrior anytime day or night. When she is out in public, she will look no different than she does in church. She dresses appropriately anywhere you see her. What she wears in God’s house is what she wears any where you see her.

I am proud of her and what she believes in. She lives by the Bible and doesn’t back down. I just want her to know how much I love her and that she is a great asset to our church and our ladies ministry. We are glad she is by our pastor’s side. She is a great Christian lady.

Diane Pelkey