Pass first, read later strategy is not working

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John P. Lage Jr.

I had to respond to Michael Jedson’s guest column, “Additional ACA facts,” in the Feb. 7 edition of The Lancaster News. I think it’s ironic that on the same day my column, “Stop socialism in America,” was printed right next to Mr. Jedson’s.

Obviously, he is someone who left his former state probably because of the high taxes and skyrocketing cost of living. Yet, he moves to a red state and criticizes it. When he was living in a blue state, he was surrounded by people who thought just like he does.

I have to ask, the question, why would you move to a state that believes in the exact opposite. In your old state you possibly could find more people who agree with your views on the (Un) Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

The main reason South Carolina declined the Medicaid expansion is because we do not want to become like almost all the other blue states where its citizens are dependent on government.

I, also, have to ask Mr Jedson, if the (U)ACA is so wonderful then why has the president delayed parts of it on more than 24 different occasions?

Maybe this all could have been avoided if he would have just read the bill first, Make changes then, pass it. He didn’t do that because some or most of his own party would not have voted for it.

Did you know that Connecticut ranks in the bottom 10 in all financial areas? South Carolina is ranked in the top 25. Now that’s not great, but it’s a lot better than Connecticut.

I grew up hearing that people from all over the world traveled the United States because of our doctors, to get the best treatment for some of the worst diseases.

And what does Jedson’s friends do? Blow it all up. They turn it into the same health care that they run from. Under Obamacare I have to change medication that I was taking because the co-pay tripled.

Our seniors will suffer the most because under Obamacare the president has cut more than $700 million from Medicare, Our seniors’ doctors are bailing out in droves.

Did you know under Obamacare serial killers and pedophiles all get a health card now. So, don’t be surprised when you’re in the waiting room and sitting next to you is Charles Manson.

But, hey he deserves to see a doctor also for the sniffles or a hangnail. Manson’s a person, too, right?

The best part of Obamacare is children can stay on their parents’ insurance until they are 26 years old. Democrats tout this feature all the time. But what Democrats and the liberal media won’t tell you is that for the program to work, young people have to sign up and make their first premium payment. Guess what? They’re still on their parents’ insurance so why sign up? What if the son, who is under 26, gets married and has a child? He’s still on his parents’ insurance.

If the wife is also under 26, she’s still on her parents’ insurance. So, who insures the child? Brilliant idea.

Again, pass Obamacare, then read it.

The good news about this bill is Americans will become so angry at the Democrats that they will return the Senate back to Republicans.

Then repeal Obamacare.


John P. Lage Jr. is a Lancaster County resident