Partners for Youth invests in students, their future

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Partners for Youth invests in students, their future

I would like to thank Laura Caskey for recently writing about the Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR Up) at Lancaster High School and Andrew Jackson High School.

Six years of college-focused workshops, special events, college trips, counseling, scholarship awards and other ways highlighting the path for students to attend college culminates at graduation this month followed by the students enrolling in college.

Lancaster County Partners for Youth has teamed up with Lancaster County School District for both GEAR Up grants by providing $600,000 in scholarship funds for the first grant that impacted the Class of 2011.

We have pledged up to $600,000 in scholarship funds for the Class of 2014. The Springs Close Foundation has also committed $300,000 for the Class of 2014 scholarships.

Of the $600,000 in scholarship awards for the Class of 2011, $213,850 went to the University of South Carolina Lancaster; $44,900 went to York Technical College and $17,400 went to Winthrop University which totals $276,150 in scholarships for our region.

Also of note, $510,950 of the scholarships stayed in South Carolina. It’s obvious this investment of $1.5 million in scholarships to nearly 700 students has, and will continue, to have a huge impact in our community not only in the lives of the students and families but in the local economy and economic development.

We are committed to our mission of providing educational opportunities to the youth of our county.

An educated workforce is a major factor in attracting businesses that will in turn provide high quality employment opportunities and higher wages for our citizens. We will surely reap the benefits for years to come.

Sharon Novinger

Executive director

Lancaster County

Partners for Youth