Parker charges to Late Model win

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Racing action

By Michael Knight

Ron “The Bull” Parker captured the NDRA GM Performance Late Model win to highlight action at Lancaster Motor Speedway on Saturday night.


The front row had Parker and Steve Banal after both drivers posted the same qualifying time.

When the green flag fell, it was Parker, Banal, Donnie Austin and Timbo Mangum roaring into turn one battling for the lead.

Exiting turn two, Parker led, with Banal all over him. As the top four of Parker, Banal, Austin and Mangum pulled away from the rest of the field, Austin pressured Banal for second.

Parker held about a car length lead over the duo. Austin looked under Banal time and time again throughout the race only to see Banal pull away exiting the turns.

As the laps ticked off, Parker led over a hard-charging Banal, Austin and Mangum.

Coming to the white flag, Banal gave it one last shot for the lead on Parker, but on this night Parker returned to victory lane to hear the crowd’s roar. Top 5: Parker, Banal, Austin, Mangum, Hargett.

u In the Super Street main, it was Brandy Baker and Johnny Starkey on the front row. When the green fell, it was Baker, Starkey, Jody Bigham and Joey Engelbrecht battling for the lead.

Exiting turn two, it was Baker, Starkey and Bigham battling for the lead as the lead trio roared down the back straightaway. Baker overtook Starkey for the lead and this set up a duel for second.

Starkey had the high side working in his favor while Bigham worked the low side, seeking to get around the fast No. 20. Bigham put pressure on Starkey in every turn, diving below the white No. 20, only to see Starkey power back by down the straightaways.

With about three laps left, Bigham made his move on Starkey after Starkey slipped high in turns one and two. Bigham began to run down Baker only to run out of laps before Bigham was able to make a serious challenge. Top 5: Baker, Bigham, Starkey, Jake Gibbons and Matt Cauthen.

u In the Crate Sportsman main, the front row had Andrew Baker and Jacob Catoe.

When the green waved, it was Baker, Catoe, Austin Baker and Steve Saucier battling for the lead.

Exiting turn two, Baker led over Catoe, Austin and Kevin Blackwell.

This was the race of the night as Andrew Baker led over Catoe, Austin and Blackwell.

The man on a mission was Kyle Norwood, who started sixth.

During the race’s middle stages and coming down the back straightaway, a massive pile-up occurred.

Exiting turn two, the Blackwell and Catoe cars made contact to send Catoe spinning in front of the field to collect multiple drivers, such as Hank Taylor, Brady Kirk, Colt Gilliam, Michael Chaney and John Gordon.

All the drivers walked away OK, with Kirk and Taylor returning to the race. When the green fell, the race was a green, white and checkered. Baker led over Blackwell and Norwood.

Entering turn one, Baker led with Blackwell all over his bumper. Exiting turn two, Blackwell made a hard charge for the lead, with Norwood in his tire tracks. Coming to the white flag, all three drivers were all over each other.

Entering turn one, Blackwell dove below Baker, and Norwood went to the Blackwell’s high side.

Roaring down the back straightaway, Blackwell was a bumper under Baker, and Norwood was on the Blackwell’s outside.

Entering turn three, all three drivers drove their cars as hard as they could. Exiting turn four, Baker led over Blackwell and Norwood. On this night, Andrew Baker took the exciting win. Top 5: Baker, Blackwell, Norwood, McGuirt and Hank Taylor.

u The Vintage main front row had Marty Spittle and eventual winner, “The Iron Horse,” Mike Harrington.

When the green waved, Spittle, Harrington, Ben Helms and Mike Helms battled for the lead.

Exiting turn two, Harrington led over Spittle. The ace duo then pulled away from the field.

Harrington led over Spittle, but Spittle was all over Harrington all race long.

Spittle pulled beside Harrington entering the turns and exiting the turns only to see Harrington pull away down the straightaways. Harrington’s Chevy overpowered Spittle’s Ford to capture his first 2012 win. Top 5: Harrington, Spittle, Steve Helms, James Crump and Ben Helms.

u In the first main event for the Pure Street, the front row was Kevin Blackwell and David Price. At the green, it was Price, Blackwell, Jesse Carson and Jerry Sexton all roaring into turn one battling for the lead. Exiting turn two, Price led over Blackwell, Carson and Sexton. As the laps ticked off, Price led over Blackwell, James Marion, and Carson battled for second.

Price saw his lead grow throughout the race and Blackwell, Marion and Carson were all over each other seeking to catch up to the fast No. 97.

During the race’s late stages, Blackwell developed car trouble and fell out of the race. This gave Marion second. Coming to the white flag, Price led over Marion, Carson, Peter Gibbons and Jason Starnes.

Price captured the checkered flag. The race for second came down to the wire, with Marion winning the battle. Top 5: Price, Marion, Carson, Gibbons and Starnes.

u The FWD/UCAR first main had the front row of Mel Privette and David Laney.

When the green dropped, it was Privette, Laney, Scott Barrett Sr. and David “Porkchop” Motes all battling for the lead entering turn one.

Exiting turn two, Laney led over Privette, Motes and Barrett. As the laps ticked off, Laney’s lead grew over the trio of Motes, Privette and Barrett Sr. Laney took the win. Top 5: Laney, Motes, Privette, Barrett Sr. and Lonnie Laney.

u In the second Pure Street main, the front row was David Price and James Marion. At the green flag, it was Price, Marion, Joe Howie and Jason Starnes battling for the lead.

Exiting turn two, Marion led over Starnes, Price and Jesse Carson.

Starnes pressured Marion for the lead. Marion and Starnes put on a show for the LMS fans and Hall Of Fame members.

Starnes dove below Marion entering every corner only to see Marion power back by on the outside.

Jesse Carson worked his way up to third and began to reel in the leaders.

It was a three-car battle as Starnes was still all over Marion for the lead. Carson was waiting on the lead duo to make a mistake, so he could make his move.

Ccoming to white flag, Starnes was in Marion’s tire tracks. As both drivers roared out of turn two, Starnes made one last move on Marion entering turn three, only to see Marion hold him off for the win. As Marion backed his car into victory lane, his crew celebrated.

When Marion exited his No. 75 machine, he heard a roar from the crowd as Marion was just as excited as his crew was. Top 5: Marion, Starnes, Carson, Price and Hinson. Price and Hinson dueled for fourth all race long, racing side by side.

u In the second main for the FWD/UCAR, the front row had David Laney and David “Porkchop” Motes. When the green flag fell, it was Laney, Motes, Scott Barrett and Mel Privette battling for the lead entering turn one. Exiting turn two, Laney led over Motes, Privette and Barrett.

As Laney built his lead over the field, the man on a mission was the No. 24 machine of Brad Hinson making his FWD/UCAR debut this season at LMS.

Hinson started seventh and charged through the field. Back up front, Motes ran down Laney for the lead. As Motes began to make his charge, Laney took the white flag. Motes gave it his all on the last lap only to see Laney capture his second main event win on the night. Top 5: Laney, Motes, Hinson, Scott Barrett and Lonnie Laney.

LMS also held its Hall of Fame induction Saturday night.

The 2012 class included Clyde Norwood, David Taylor, Doug Aldrigde, Tommy Mungo and former Lancaster Motor Speedway owner Jim Mahaffey.