Parents who want best for kids not ‘elitists’

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By Jeffery Donahue

I am writing in response to David Cook’s column, “Vouchers take money away from public schools,” in the April 11 edition of The Lancaster News.

How selfish must you be to block financial aid to parents who wish to send their kids to a conducive place to learn. Last time I checked, there were parents who had to transfer their kids from public to private schools because of disciplinary problems. And there are parents who want a clean Christian education, sheltered from the ungodliness in our local schools.

You also have those who are sick and tired of the truncated and rushed education that public schools provide.

If there is any other way to be “pro-choice” for education, let us know, rather than spoiling the opportunity to help us who are having a hard time paying for gas, rising food costs, all on top of trying to raise our children.

Stop labeling people who want the best for their children as elitists.

I have a problem with people who oppose a package that will help offset the financial burden in the coming days.

I wonder what would happen if our schools didn’t wastefully spend money on useless and nonproductive programs.

If I was a parent, all I would want is the satisfaction that my hard-earned taxes are going toward something that would make life better for my children, rather than sending them to a rough school.

Jeffery Donahue